The combustion control OSG –
Smarter use of fireplaces

With the new generation of the OSG combustion control we offer a state-of-the-art solution for the combustion regulation of wood-fired stoves and ovens with great user comfort.

Electronics comes at a unique price-performance ratio and can be easily adapted to your needs.


Energy savings at its best

This combustion control regulates the fresh air supply in the combustion of wood. By leveraging the thermal energy and associated reduction in wood consumption and emissions, the scheme allows for a particularly environmentally friendly combustion.

Secure air supply

A safe combustion is guaranteed by the throttling of the air supply and associated controlled burn. The device determines the optimal time of the blockade of the air supply. If the train in the chimney may not be enough of the fireplace it may be equipped with a fan. This prevents production and leakage of harmful gases during combustion.

State-of-the-art furnace control system based on proven technology

The furnace control OSG includes the control unit for the air supply regulation and the adjustment motor for the air damper and a door sensor. The controller can additionally be provided with a control unit for setting and retrieving of other parameters such as wood types.

Ready to adapt to your needs

The OSG provides exceptional flexibility. It is manufacturer-independent and can be used for all wood stoves. IBEX customizes the existing control system completely according to your wishes. This regulation can be complemented with additional parameters at any time, e.g. degree of wood moisture. You would like to include the OSG control in your building automation for vans or vacuum arrangements? No problem.

How it works

The control unit continuously measures the temperature in the combustion chamber and monitors the door by a sensor. In case the sensor detects a door opening the air supply is opened by the air damper motor. After the fire ignites and the optimum temperature is reached, the control throttles the air supply, and the heat maintains in the furnace. If the door is opened again, this process is repeated. Without door opening the air supply will be closed again after a predefined time, the space heat cannot escape.

OSG functionality

Comfortable user panel

The OSG control regulates the supply of fresh air through proven preset exhaust gas temperature values. The comfortable display shows important values e.g. the course and current exhaust gas temperature, the room temperature and the progress of combustion. Additionally, the display provides information about the optimum moment to refill wood.

OSG display