Your tailored control solution

Our engineers have a distinct experience in electronic development of embedded systems in different industries including automotive and aerospace. ibex electronics has a unique process knowledge of control development and embedded systems as well as in the industrialization of electronic systems.

Starting with your idea we work out the optimal solution that satisfies our demand and requirements focusing especially on quality, short development times and highest cost-efficiency.

Development of control systems

ibex electronics offers all development services of controls no matter what your ideas and requirements are. This covers the whole engineering process including the requirement analysis, the concept, the development of software and hardware, prototyping up to maturity phase – or certain work packages that you define.

Your solution needs to be upgraded, adapted, enhanced or need further development? No problem. ibex gives the support you need.

Application Development for Control Units

Whether with Matlab Simulink®', C, C ++ or Java, our developers put your idea quickly to the appropriate control application. We design and program your required application for components of any type , for example for the climate control unit for commercial vehicles.

Automation and semi-automation of test benches

We develop the right software solution for the automation or semi-automation of your existing mechanical system. Whether complete systems or individual components with the ibex software solution, you can control the user interface manually or automatically.