The ibex Approach

Agile, fast, efficient, high-quality

When founding a company finding the perfect name and branding is a big task. Our inspiration has been the Capra ibex, not only because we are great fans of the European Alps. Its agility and strength, its impressive appearance and adaptability, as well as its courage and its great senses is impressing enough to be a role model for our work.

Agile and fast

ibex electronics is flexible in an outstanding way. Together with you we are developing the optimum control system. Starting with an extensive assessment period our engineers gather your requirements in detail and discuss potential aspects for creating the optimum "ibex" solution. Feedback calls on a regularly basis, the extensive engineering experience and the great flexibility guarantee shortest development times and absolute customer satisfaction.

Efficient and high-quality

ibex electronics develops controls and embedded systems to make better use of available resources. That not only involves the energy resources, but also the cost efficiency. Because of our extensive experience in the automotive and aerospace industry we have a great sense for what makes a high-quality solution. So ensuring process and product quality is a substantial principle of our work.