The Company

ibex electronics is a young growing technology company focusing on software engineering and development of intelligent control systems.

With the background in demanding industries like automotive and aerospace we at ibex electronics develop tailored solutions in highest quality at shortest possible developing time that are cost efficient. We specialize in development of embedded systems for air-condition and heating controls, applications for remote monitoring and maintenance, test bench automation and intelligent controls for optimum combustion in wood-fired stoves and fireplaces.

The ibex electronics Founders

Christian Hofer:

Managing Director, Product Development: holds a degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in electrical engineering with major automation and controls of Technical University Munich/Germany. He has been working many years in development and project management in the commercial vehicle industry. As part of the management team he oversees the business and product development.

Björn Wagner:

Managing Director, Finance and development: studied electrical engineering with specialize communication technology at University of Applied Science Brandenburg/Germany. He brings along a great wealth of experience in electronic development and project management in the automotive and aerospace industry. He manages the financing and accounting as well as the hardware and software development and projects.

Jürgen Walter:

Managing Director Sales and Quality: holds a degree in electrical engineering with specialize automation technology of University of Applied Science Munich/Germany. He has long-time experience in project management and development of measuring instruments as well as power electronics in the automotive industry. He oversees sales and product quality.